What is the network remote identification service?

 According to U-space regulation (EU) 2021/664, the network remote identification service must ensure continuous remote identification of a drone throughout its flight and provide corresponding information in aggregated form to authorised users (i.e. citizens, authorities, law enforcement agencies, and airport managers). This service transmits the drone operator’s registration number and specific details related to the flight, such as speed, height, and heading.

SUSI members have implemented the service, and it is now available to all drone operators and authorised users on a voluntary basis.

How to use it?

To use the service as a drone operator:

You first need to sign up for FOCA’s register of drone operators, which is available on the UAS.gate platform. Following this registration, you will be assigned a registration number which will serve as an identifier for the remote identification service. If you are already registered in an EU member state, this action is not required.

The remote identification service is not provided by FOCA but by service providers. These private companies, all of which are members of SUSI, have been authorised to act as service providers. You will therefore have to choose a service provider from among those authorised by FOCA and connect to them by entering your data and registration number.

To use the service as an authorised user

To see current drone flights, all you need to do is use an application or visit a website provided by SUSI members. Drone flights for operators using the service will be displayed there.

Find out more about the work behind the network remote identification service in Switzerland on SUSI’s Publication page.