What is the UAS flight authorisation service?

According to U-space Regulation (EU) 2021/664, the UAS flight authorisation service ensures that individual flights that are given authorisation do not conflict with other notified flight requests by other uncrewed operations within the same U-space airspace. It is therefore a strategic deconfliction tool. The service depends on UAS operators submitting UAS flight authorisation requests prior to commencing a flight. The service also acts as a way for operators to announce their intent to start operations by activating their UAS flight authorisation. The activation of a flight authorisation initiates the use of other services such as network remote identification.

The service is provided by a service provider, and it does not cover operational authorisations such as BVLOS operation.

Where do we stand?

Implementation: first stage

The implementation of the service is at an early stage. Its development is based on the ASTM F3548-21 standard.

An ‘Operator Experience Journey’ was organised with the involvement of eight drone operators to test the operationality of the service. The aim was to ensure an operator-centric approach and to collect early feedback on the technology and the usefulness of the service as a whole.

To find out more about this journey, follow the link below:

Who is part of the initiative?

  • ANRA Technologies, Service Provider
  • AVISION, Service Provider
  • DRONETAG, Service Provider
  • INVOLI, Service Provider
  • WING, DSS Provider


Find out more about the work behind the UAS flight Authorisation service in Switzerland on SUSI’s Publication page.