SUSI's vocation is to implement the U-Space services listed in the Regulation (EU) 2021/664 on a regulatory framework for the U-space one after the other. This work is becoming increasingly important as U-Space becomes more and more real. Indeed, the U-space regulatory package was adopted by the European Commission in April 2021. The regulation will come into force in January 2023.

In order to be well prepared for the implementation of the regulation in Switzerland, SUSI members have already started to operationalise U-Space services on a voluntary basis. There are several reasons for this voluntary implementation phase of the services prior to the applicability of the Regulation:

  • Fill the gaps in the implementation of the standard
  • Gain operational experience
  • Test the impact on public acceptance and operators voluntary acceptance
  • Develop a blueprint for approval of future U-Space services

The Regulation (EU) 2021/664 on a regulatory framework for the U-Space (U-space regulation) lists four mandatory services in the airspace defined as “U-Space airspace” and two additional services based on the airspace risk assessment.

You can find the status of the implementation of services in Switzerland by SUSI below.

Network remote identification service (art. 8 U-space Regulation)

This service ensures the remote identification of the operator throughout the flight. It shares the registration number of drone operators as well as further details about their flights (speed, height, course) with authorised users (citizens, authorities, air traffic services).

Status: Implemented by SUSI

Geo-awareness service (art. 9 U-space Regulation)

The service provides UAS operators with information about static and dynamic airspace constraints, such as UAS geographical zones information.

Status: FOCA has published the geozone data corresponding to the Swiss drone map. USSPs and drone manufacturers can download the data and use them to provide the Geo-awareness service.

UAS flight authorisation service (art. 10 U-space Regulation)

The service is a strategic deconfliction tool.  It ensures that UAS operations are free of intersection in space and time with any other notified UAS flight authorisation within the same portion of U-Space airspace. The service does not cover authorizations provided by competent authorities such as national and local authorities, or skyguide in controlled airspace.

Status: In progress

Traffic information service (art. 11 U-space Regulation)

The service informs UAS operators about other air traffic (both manned and unmanned) that may be present in proximity to their UAS.

Status: Pending


Weather information (art. 12 U-space Regulation)

The service provides relevant weather data to UAS operators during the flight planning and executions phases, as well as improve the performances of other U-Space services provided in the U-Space airspace.

Status: Pending


Conformance monitoring service (art. 13 U-space Regulation)

The service provides real-time alerting of non-conformance with the granted flight authorisation and inform the operator and other relevant stakeholders when a significant deviation occurs.

Status: Pending