SUSI is a Public-Private Partnership between the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, the Swiss ANSP skyguide and thirty-one companies active in the field of drones and UTM/U-Space. SUSI was founded in December 2018 with the aim to identify, quantify, develop and effectively implement the U-Space capabilities and technologies in Switzerland.


Network remote identification



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December 6, 2021

Swiss Remote Identification (SRID) Master Agreement v.2

The Master agreement reflects the willingness of the parties to engage in the implementation of the Network Remote Identification in Switzerland. This Agreement governs the rights and obligations of the Parties when providing SRID related Services in accordance with the Standard. The Remote Identification has public acceptance and law enforcement…
November 22, 2021

Operator Experience Journey

On 22 October 2021, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) organised a “UAS OperatorExperience Journey” in the framework of the Swiss U-space Implementation (SUSI)partnership. Four U-space service providers (USSPs), all members of SUSI, and eight UASoperators participated to the event. The initiative aimed to conduct a technical andoperational test…
August 18, 2021

Switzerland Launches First Nationwide Network Remote Identification Service For Drones

Swiss Remote ID PRDownload
August 16, 2021

Swiss remote identification

SUSI members, under the coordination of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), haveimplemented a voluntary Network Remote Identification (NET-RID) service that enables informationsharing about drone operations via the internet. The NET-RID service complies with the ASTM F3411standard, which ensures that only necessary information is shared. For example, public…